Under the Covers Book Blog reviews LAST CALL, book 2 in the Heat Wave series by Alannah Lynne. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Ms. Lynne brings depth to her characters and stories. As I read the book, I could picture in my head the places and people that she. Last Call: Heat Wave Novel 2 (Volume 2) [Alannah Lynne] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gavin McLeod is a man who has it all.

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I like that I was given a past to understand her actions. Gavin isn’t sure what he’s doing but can’t seem to stop himself from flirting with Sunny and wanting to make love to her.

He is looking to put the building she works in out of commission. I rate it 3. Just be aware that these stories are not connected and can be read as stand alone.

I think I may have to use some peppermint schnapps in the near future as well read the book and you will understand what I mean hehe. Open Preview See a Problem? I think the author did a great job at intertwining their romance with a little bit of suspense, adding just that light element that kept the story riveting and interesting. After reading the first story in this series Heat Wave I decided to give this one a try.

Under the Covers Book Blog. The action takes place mostly at a beach bar and the main character is a bartender, Sunny is not as elegant as Kat, but she is just as independent and lovable.

It just could have been better. She wants to believe Gavin is sincere in his efforts to help her save her livelihood, but can she really believe he would forfeit his job and millions of dollars for her piece of trash bar?

Nice characters and a pretty setting. Whelp, if you are looking for a sweet story this is the book for you. She was a much more interesting character to read about. She’s also immediately taken with alsnnah hot man she thinks out of her league. Her chance comes in the form of a handsome and charming man that exudes sexiness with his every step.


She’s 24 and has had her heart set on marrying Gavin since she was It was clear that Gavin was struggling with the direction his life lnyne going and if his current path was one he desired and I don’t think there was really any doubt of what his choice would be.

This story is about Gavin and Sunny. Many times we have similar characters if they were created by the same person, but it is not the case here. A bar in a town he used to go to with his grandfather. It helped that Gavin and Sunny were ready for a change, even if they didn’t personally think it would come in the form of a relationship. Heat Wave 5 books. Both characters had an instant attraction and were both likable, although their past was not focused on too much – it was lightly touched upon, but neither seemed to be weakened by what they went through.

I do know that they aalannah into the sex thing very quickly we’re talking hours not days here after meeting. But as Max is exposed Callie is faced with having to take a new outlook on her life and her choices. It’s a four wine glass toast to Last Call by Alannah Lynne! She just wants Gavin to notice her and think of her the same way that she does him; however Gavin has no interests romantically or sexually towards Callie.

The main characters are stubborn, sizzling, lynns ready to get what they want.

Then there’s Gavin-another strong character who thought he knew what he wanted, until after he meets Sunny. Soon Sunny discovers she got more than she bargained for. She deserves to be happy and I hope in the future we will see a book about Callie. Because I need variety to avoid book slumps.

But when Gavin finds himself in the small costal town he used to visit as a boy he starts to question what really makes him happy. The next morning, however, she learns that in addition to rocking her world, the stranger might alannay it to crumble.


Cal, his grandfather being such a crucial part of his life growing up, I would have loved to see more of lazt dynamic, but Apannah truly enjoyed Gavin’s hard work on the farm and his farm boy roots.

Preview — Last Call by Alannah Lynne. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Gavin had to do whatever was necessary to get this bar sold. I’m always looking for little details like that as they add so much to the holistic feel of the story.

He was finally feeling something other than pride for a job well done and he was going to enjoy it. Aug 22, Shirley Frances rated it really liked it Shelves: Last Call was a great book.

NY Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Alannah Lynne » Last Call

Gavin is a tall drink of deliciousness and Sunny is probably one of the most likable female characters Calll had the pleasure of being introduced to. The two feel an instant attraction that will not be squelched. I think I have oral fixation issues. But the journey of reading this overrides those points.

Refresh and try again.

Review: Last Call by Alannah Lynne

How Gavin is trying to find direction in his life and in one night his heart begins to pick up and he begins to smile again. Their lives had not been easy but they were now both in a good place and happy with their lot. A lot of times putting herself second.

Check out my full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous. She took care of her brother but why?

Lynnw lost his way. Every race day you can find me parked in front of the TV, alternately cheering and cussing, depending on how my favorite or least favorite driver is doing.