The Kuzari was written by Judah Halevi (Spain, – ). Originally Sefer Kuzariספר הכוזרי. מחבר: יהודה 2 English, 3 Hebrew3 עברית, 2 אנגלית. Versions. the kuzari is not in stock right now a new print will be ready in a few weeks you can order the book now and it will be sent when we will have copies. “The Kuzari: In Defense of the Despised Faith” is the first new translation into English of The Kuzari since , annotated and explained based on the classic .

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Israel Drazin Top Contributor: A true product of Spain’s Golden Age, Yehuda HaLevi was born in Toledo in the yearand raised in an intellectual climate kuaari he became well-versed in Jewish scholarship, Arabic literature, as well as Greek science and philosophy.

By contrast, the unique cult of Israel, whose conditions and mea- surements are based on a precise divine dispensation, proves itself to be the one and only efffective and useful theurgy. Studia Kizari 84 Therefore Judah Halevi already places it in the mouth of the Khazar king in the introductory section of the treatise. Brill,87— Jews are superior biologically Halevi’s The Kuzari imagines that the king of the Kuzars decides to adopt a religion, and plans to choose between Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and philosophy.

The fourth essay opens with an analysis of the various names of God found in the Bible. For more than one hundred and thirty years, from the second half of the nineteenth century to our day, scholars have made important contributions on this topic.

Noonan Svetlana Pletnyova Omeljan Pritsak.


Jewish Philosophy > The Book of Kuzari

Fnglish,8: Daniel Korobkin is in print by Feldheim Publishers. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. These writings were aimed at exclusively Jewish audiences and as such could have no real resonance among the wider circles of Arabic culture. This englksh a fantastic translation of a fantastic book. Ina French translation by Charles Touati from the Arabic original was published. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Fathers of the Church, Inc. Harwood Academic Publishers,; idem, Freethinkers, 30— Thus the author of the Kuzari in efffect largely follows his predecessor, the Arab philosopher, in engliah understanding of the causal process of giving forms to bod- ies in the mundane world.

This is, so far, the only translation into English made from the derived Hebrew text. According to the radical thinkers, the pretense of these prophets to the right to receive divine revelation was fundamentally false. Tel Aviv University,92; idem, Freethinkers, —92, — As mentioned englisy, six commentaries were printed in the fifteenth century, four of them known to us:.

Kitab al Khazari

It is for the discerning person to distinguish one people from another, one individual from another, one time from another, one place from another, and set of circumstances from another. According to Judah, all these names, with the exception of the Tetragrammatonare attributes expressing the various states of God’s activity in the world. Princeton University Press,37, englsh the use by Muslim writers of the concept of naskh engllsh the framework of interreligious polemic.

Halevi asserts that no comparison is possible between Jewish culturewhich in his view is based upon religious truth, and Greek culturewhich is based upon science only. Views Read Edit View history. The pagan is then mythologized as the king of the Khazars who has invited the rabbi to instruct kuaari in the tenets of Judaism.


It is regarded as one the most important apologetic works of Jewish philosophy. He holds that the wisdom of Greek philosophers lacked that divine support with which the Israelite prophets were endowed.

But the law was given to us [Jews] because He led us out of Egypt, and remained attached to us, because we are the pick of mankind. Had a trustworthy tradition that the world was created out of nothing been known to Aristotlehe would have supported it by at least as strong arguments as those advanced by him to prove the eternity of matter.

Cambridge University Press,— The king is persuaded, among other reasons, because the Jew tells the king that Jews are unique.

Further, he propounds the principle upon which his religious system is founded; namely, that revealed religion is far superior to natural religion.

These concerns are extremely remote for modern readers, and may turn many people off to book.

Kuzari in English – Hausa-English Dictionary – Glosbe

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The text is incomplete in the original Judeo-Arabic manuscript and must be supplemented by the addition that appears in the Hebrew translation of Judah ibn Tibbon.

This article does not cite any sources. Isadore Twersky Cambridge, MA: Jews, the Jewish visitor insists, are genetically superior, with a perfected religious faculty incorporated in their soul.