The iManager U inherits all the functions of the original T, N BMS, and DMS systems, and manages Huawei transport, IP, and access equipment. OBN iManager N BMS Introduction ISSUE CJH, CJH, iManager N BMS Advanced Operation and CJL, CJL, iManager N BMS Operation Training (MSAN),

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The RSVP protocol reserves resources for specific services in a network to imanxger the service quality.

The alarms in the topology view are displayed by two methods: A user can be added to multiple user groups. Settings Parameters of an operation that can be selected by the user. The U allows you to modify the device rule, including: It helps you to identify a processed alarm. Layer 3 Physical port Not supported Carries tunnels.

iManager U Unified Network Management System VRC00 | 봉열 김 –

Through the related test cases, you can use test diagnosis tools to quickly identify fault causes and rectify network faults, thus ensuring network stability. After a board is inserted to the slot, the NE Panel automatically displays the board and board information. Policy Management U enables you to configure backup policies and saving policies. The VC4 server trail provides transparent channels that is, circuit group for circuit-layer network nodes for example, a switch in a path-layer network, and acts as the basic imanxger of inter-office communication path.

In this mode, the U can be connected to the managed devices in multiple ways. The event will end when the bit error ratio per second is better than within 10 consecutive seconds. The diagnosis results can be directly displayed. Login and Session Management The functions of login and session management are described as follows: It provides intelligent configuration and monitoring bmz. Wavelength Monitoring Wavelength monitoring uses the wavelength supervisory unit to monitor the wavelengths that are transmitted from iamnager WDM-side optical interface of the OTU board including the service convergence unit and to control the wavelength drift.


You can restore the historical backup data of the equipment on the GUI of U These NMSs are not included in this version incorporation. To perform imanagger subnet management, you need to have the related license. Real-time inventory change report can also be provided through this resource, it imanagger be timely reported to the upper NMS to notify the carrier of the current network operation status and ensure data consistency of the upper NMS or SNMS.

iManager U2000

You can verify the validity of services before deployment and modify services after the logical channels are established. These lines can be managed by EMSs provided by different vendors. Within the pre-defined period, if the time of an acknowledged alarm exceeds the threshold, the system changes the alarm severity. Independent from the service, the MPLS tunnel realizes end-to-end transmission and carries the PWs related to the service.

After the user confirms the event, the U issues a command to the optical attenuation adjustment board of the upstream station. Web proxy and Web browser. With the method of adding information of the peer end, a channel is established for control status synchronization with the peer end.

This helps to prevent the repeated deployment of a policy that is already deployed. The private line mode is similar to the outband networking mode. You can create a new virtual bridge VB and configure the following: Specifically, the wizard guides you to configure the parameters required for the automatic discovery, such as NE type, SNMP parameters, and the IP address range.

You can back up the data on the GUI of U This helps users to manage and audit imanagr from the point of networkwide view. With the policy verifying function, you can correctly deploy policy packages on devices and avoid repeated modifications due to configuration errors during policy deployment. By using the recommended protection modes, the protection of the interconnecting service between two ring networks composed of the devices from different manufacturers and in different protection modes can be realised.


N N no larger than 3 linear MSP. Card attributes Management By using the U, a user can perform the following operations: You can manually customize the thresholds of test case indicators such as delay, jitter, and packet loss ratio in the result analysis template and the result analysis policy according to the related service level. When the communication between the active GNE and the U is interrupted, the U automatically switches to the standby GNE for communication, so that the communication between the U and NEs is not interrupted.

Slave servers can share the CPU usage and memory usage of the master server.

The edge DS nodes usually perform complex flow classification on the traffic that enters the DS domain. The creation of global templates is irrelevant to the device status. All-IP architecture and fixed-mobile convergence FMC are the network development goals for the next three to five years, during which the market orientations and business modes of telecom carriers will vary accordingly.

Figure Overview of some of the U applications 4. QoS Configuration Quality of service QoS indicates the performance of the data flow that travels through a network. ALS is turned on when the optical interface board does not carry services or the optical fibre is faulty.

In addition, you can learn the cause if the discovery fails.