The Arabic name for geomancy, “‘ilm al-raml,” means “the science of the sand.” In its original form, the geomantic figure was created by making. The Arabic words in the center of the circle; Ilm-al Raml, translates to the Science of the Sands. This broadsheet, a precursor to the book on Geomancy by Kiyan. What the Geomantic Study-Group is for Western geomancy, this group is for Arabic `ilm al-raml (the formal Arabic term for geomancy, literally.

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This same process survived virtually unchanged through its introduction to Europe in the medieval era, and survives to this day in various Arabic countries. From the four nepotesthe two testes or Witnesses are formed in the same manner as the nepotes: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. In Africa one traditional form of geomancy consists of throwing handfuls of dirt in the air and observing how the dirt falls.

In some fantasy literature, especially that which deals with the four classic Greek elements air, water, fire, earthgeomancy refers to magic that controls earth and sometimes metal and crystals. The four binary elements of each figure allow for 16 different combinations, each called a tableau.

Other examples of astrological technique used in geomancy include assigning zodiacal rulerships to the geomantic figures, linking geomantic figures to parts of the body based on zodiacal rulers, and assigning planetary spirits, intelligences, and genii to the figures based on their ruling planets. Sikidy and other forms of African divination also follow techniques that have remained virtually unchanged. Geomancy was practiced by people from all social classes.


In each chart, if all sixteen figures are observed the four Mothers, the four Daughters, the four Nieces, the Witnesses, Judge, and Reconcilerat least two of the il, must be the same. Traditional practitioners of geomancy use this knowledge as a type of parity check on the chart to ensure that no mistakes have been made while computing the figures. Register a new account. Often, when a chart denied perfection, geomancers would observe how the significators aspected each other; the aspects here retain similar meanings from astrology.

Divination History of astrology Geomancy. Similar forms of geomancy include scrying involving the patterns seen in rocks or soil.

Geomancy – Wikipedia

Every single one of my retainer clients are either geomancy clients or astrology clients, or al-ranl. The next four figures, the filiaeor Daughters, are formed by rearranging the lines used in the Mothers: The differences however are there and worth noting: Rate this topic 1 2 3 4 5. The querent and quesited meet each other. Khatt al Raml is fascinating.

Welcome A collection of ConjureMan Ali’s thoughts about magic, the occult, and spirituality. The Arabic tradition consists of sketching sixteen random lines of dots in sand.

As in astrological practice, each house governs an area of life. The significator that moves shows which party must work to attain the resolution: Most of the other variants used are just that: Idris, thankful to God and His messenger that he had learned this art, never revealed the art to anyone.

Once this is done, the “inspired” [8] portion of the geomantic reading is done; what remains iml algorithmic calculation. It can also involve a mouse as the agent of the earth spirit. Without taking note of the number al-rmal points made, the geomancer provides the seemingly random mechanism needed for most forms of divination.


After the eight matres and filiae are formed, the four nepotes or Nieces are formed by adding those pairs of figures that rest above the houses of the respective Niece.

Ilm ul- Ramal: Islamic Geomancy from Imam Ahmad Rida Khan Qadiri’s Shama i-Shabastan

Sign up for a new account in our community. After testing Idris’ newfound knowledge jlm skill of geomancy, and revealing himself to be the angel Jibril in the process, the stranger disappeared. I found your discussion of the Judge especially interesting and rings true from my own experience. The figures are entered into a specialized table, known as the shield chart, which illustrates the recursive processes reminiscent of the Cantor set [4] that form the figures.

Other tablets and records from antiquity identify Idris with the prophets Daniel [ citation needed ] or with Enoch. The Nieces The next four figures, sometimes called the “nieces” or neptes are created by adding together the points in pairs of two iilm above.

Earlier Greek renditions of this word borrowed the Arabic word raml “sand” directly, rendering it as rhamplion or rabolion. Due to the definition having changed over time along with the recognized definition of the suffix -mancy”geomancy” can cover any spiritual, metaphysical, or pseudoscientific practice that is related to the Earth.

The Witnesses and the Judge Finally, the tableau is completed by zl-raml points in the same way to create three more figures.