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Touching Darkness

Touching Darkness is a heady mix of teenage angst and drama, coupled with almost adult issues of war and wsterfeld. I guess it’s realistic that they’re not taking charge and forming into a super-cohesive Justice League, but sort of shilly-shallying about being teens.

The Midnighters are in more danger than they realise and are caught up in a race to find out exactly why that is and what they can do to stay safe. Aww, Melissa and Rex do make a good couple though. I can say that I enjoyed the way Westerfield fleshed out all of the characters he mezzanottd established in the first book.

Touching Darkness by Scott Westerfeld.

It is most definitely a worthwhile read! But there’s more action, more answers, and more thirteen-lettered words! Yet I’m not excited about it. In the second of the extremely fast-paced trilogy.

I finished this in less than 24 hours and just didn’t want it to end. His story line with the disappeared midnighter Anathea and the unity between the darklings and the hunters is merely splendid. For some reason, despite the corny nature of it, the ending sentence just made my heart so happy. In this book I could see the story from a completely different angle and it won my heart over. In the mean time, Dess discovers Madeline, the only Midnighter from her generation still in existence.

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But the ending really came together, and the peril was high. I really started to like Melissa. Bixby, Oklahoma, is full of secrets. I just waited too long to read these books. For some reason I feel like Jonathan and the peerless Dess would work just great: My argument from the first book still stays, I think: Everyone treats her like dirt. Other Midnighter, Madeline, helps Melissa control ability.

I diari della mezzanotte

Melissa and Rex kiss. Bixby, Oklahoma is full of secrets some of which come out at midnight and some which should stay hidden.

If you westerfld YA, an interesting premise, or Scott Westerfeld, don’t let me hold you back. But its Dess who keeps discovering more about the Midnight hour and how it affects all of them including the town of Bixby itself.

Rex tries to figure out if the disappearance of previous Midnighers was natural or caused by humans assisting Darklings. I nezzanotte stuck him in a box with millons of trantulas, payback buddy! View all 11 comments.

Well, I wasn’t mistaken this time either! If she touches someone, it’s intimate and invasive for both of them because she is privy to all their thoughts and their vella gets slightly squiggled.

I think I read the entire thing in 2 days, which is impressive for someone with 3 little kids. I feel like this is a really short review, but I really don’t have much to say.


L’ora segreta. I diari della mezzanotte. : Westerfeld, Scott :

He’s more into the fun aspect and living life to the fullest, westerrfeld so much lore and hidden destinies. I had a hard time getting into this one.

Jessica counted to ten slowly; it remained absolutely still I thought this book was a fantastic read and would recommend it to people who liked the first book in the trilogy. It comes out September 11, In westerfeod book, ecott midnighters are coming into their own. Is he the same person mostly? I started this book a while ago and then had to return it before I could finish it. I delitti della Sardegna.

Other books in the series. Maybe he’s trying to protect her since he’s really the only one she can call a “friend”.

I diari della mezzanotte by Scott Westerfeld | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & NobleĀ®

Nothing stood out to bother me, but it wasn’t amazing. La serie sta andando sempre migliorando e spero che il terzo segua la stessa strada!

Dec 30, Cindy Newton rated it liked it Shelves: But nonetheless I li Nothing beats the ending line. I really wish they would rectify that.

It is not westrfeld all simple to imagine something you’ve never seen, something that is awfully different from the culture you grew up in.

Ma anche Jessica ha un dono.