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This contemplation also become the cause for the generation of the Sacred Heart, spiritual love and compassion — when we chridt how powerful the ignorance, the demiurge is, we will know the need for many laborers in the harvest of souls, and having love and compassion for beings, we will join the ranks of the tzaddikim and maggidim who labor for the enlightenment and liberation of all living spirits and souls, in heavens, in hells, on earth, and in all manner of in-betweens.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : Tau Malachi :

Maybe in the west we could speak of the “multiple intelligences”or the brain and its correlate consciousness or our psychological structures and so on. It is in Asiyah where potential is fully realized and actualized-the fulfillment of creation.

Must be a great sight! With the coming into being of the Sefirot proper in Atzilut, along with God’s will or desire, God’s wisdom, understanding, love, power, coamic, dominion, splendor, righteousness and kingdom emerge, and through them the great name of God is revealed. The demiurge, ignorance, is the cause of sorrow and suffering — the bondage of souls to potentially endless rounds of birth and all that goes with it, and the perception of that cause, as well as its possible cessation, is an integral part of the vision of sorrow.

In a similar way, ma,achi light of the Infinite passes through the Olamot from Adam Kadmon to Asiyah, and thus, the supernal light is progressively veiled and reduced in intensity. It is not only that we aknowledge our existent “natural” perfection. It is as though God, who is the Being of the Becoming, seeks self-knowledge through the act of creation.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ : A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah

Hence, the individual is not simply reabsorbed into an unconscious union but is fulfilled and completed in a conscious unification. Tje is also a teaching chrisst the Kabbalah that proposes that the stars serve as the bodies of archangels in the physical universe, their cosmic rays and light being likened to angels.

In this regard, Christian Kabbalah is quite different from its Jewish roots, and Gnostic Christianity is very different from orthodox Christianity. This is a true gem and an amazing book that you’ll refer to over and over again. It must be said that the realization of ruach does not always assume an outwardly religious or spiritual appearance, though always it is deeply spiritual — as with the realization of nefesh, it may assume many different forms.


So that ,along with your responsemade me think tu this relation of form and formlessness.

When the day arrives for us to meet with our Beloved and entertain love-play with out Beloved, who among us would forget that delightful day, so as not to remember and keep it? The Sefirot are depicted as ten circles that form three triads, one atop, one in the middle, and one below, with a single Sefirah set as a pendant below the lowest triad.

Thats what a Living Gestalta Living Tradition, is all about Diana rated it really liked it Dec 28, In the view of the three triads of Sefirot and one Sefirah as a pendant, the top triad is called the supernal triad, the triad in the middle is called the moral triad, the triad below is called the action triad.

Bluntly chrkst, they have not yet experienced much in the way of the Light Transmission, and this very assertion would prevent them from experiencing it if they were to encounter a holy tzaddik who embodied something of this Light-presence and Light-power, for they would not believe or recognize a holy tzaddik or cos,ic if malschi met one, and therefore would not have the spiritual or heart connection to receive the Light Transmission from them — they would not know to pause and draw near in order to receive.

May we abide, waiting upon the Holy Spirit, silent and still when she is silent and still, speaking and moving when crist speaks and moves — abiding in repose with the Risen Messiah in El Elyon. In the words of St.

This is the way of self-liberating awareness! From the most subtle rhe imperceptible levels to the actual manifestation, life comes forth, as though something from nothing. Rebecca Harris rated it it was amazing Aug 10, We can only change our selves if we accept ourselves.

When the architect communicates the actual ideas and methods of construction to the workers, this would be akin to Yetzirah. Thus, at the end of a world system souls of sufficient development and evolution may be taken up in the ascension, and others that are not taken up in the ascension may transmigrate to incarnate in other world systems to continue their evolution, while others never having actualized their greater potential, and, in effect, never having existed, pass into destruction with the world-system, bound by the psychic gravity of the world of their generation.

Though Gnostic Christianity has always been his heart’s path. It is an emanation of the divine fullness in the no-thingness, from which the whole of creation is brought forth.

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There is more that can be said of the End-Of-Days and living beyond time, as well as the play of wonderworking with space-time, but for the time being, no doubt, this is enough.

Gnosis of the Cosmic Christ: A Gnostic Christian Kabbalah by Tau Malachi

On the subject of redemption through sin, there is, indeed, some truth in this, although not in the sense of a call to sin or the generation of negative karma, as though in so doing we will be delivered more swiftly, or as though because we abide in a sanctuary of grace we are free to do whatever we like without consequence, God forbid!

They all hold the sword, skilled in warfare; each one with his sword on his thigh because of fear at night.

We are supposed to become Manand Sons and Daughtersi would say At this level of creation, the divine order and the dominion of the demiurge exist in a dynamic balance so that Yetzirah is equally of the light and of the darkness. This is a constatation that no one can be saved and liberated alone becauseif that was the casethe Wisdom of Emptiness Ain-Ani wouldn’t be truly understood. In essence, it is a Western path to enlightenment and liberation.

But the fact is that if we are to return something to God it can only be made of the stuff of this “dreaming” ego! Although nothing exists in it, the unmanifest is pregnant with the divine potential of everything. They say that Hesed is the limit we can reach, maybe Da’at actuallywhile incarnated in this physical bodies. Get to Know Us. Butfor the momenti’d like to mention her reconsideration of the Zohar and Lurianic cosmologies.

As you can imagine, this can take on all manner of different forms considering the vast spectrum of activities and abilities in humanity.

Binah is always related to the sea and the ocean and Mary”Mar” seain Portuguese. When tzaddikim and maggidim incarnate, generally speaking it is skillful means in wisdom for them to focus on a lineage and tradition, a single stream of Light Transmission in their sharing of teachings and practices — an integral system that forms of vehicle, merkavah, for those they have been sent to teach and initiate in the Way.

May we all find our unique ways of return to the Living Source! It is Asiyah that makes this possible.