Do you also find the manufactures manual confusing? Use this quick-start guide! It’s easier than going through their website Help, I can not find my user manual for my older FlyCamOne camera. If anyone has the pdf I’d like to get a copy. (Why didn’t they put the user. Does anyone know of a good (perhaps second party) manual or instructions for the ACME FlyCamOne-2 video unit? The one that comes with.

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FlyCamOne – version 2

Battery is not charged correctly. Also, there are several languages on each page.

Jul 30, FlyCamOne eco V2 Do you ever flycmaone what your autonomous robots do all day? Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use. Handle the change carefully and take your time! The buttons on the LinX and their handling are equal to the cameras buttons. The selected interval is counting down. I look forward to exploring the possibilities of this. The auto exposure is much quicker and this is needed if the camera is blinded by the sun at any time in the flight.

Acme FlyCamOne Manuals

Connecting the optional screen The optional 2, 5″ screen will be plugged into the cam directly. Assamble the new frame in reverse order, but bind the safty string at the left side before fixing the left frame part. The Y-cable enables the simultaneous use of the CarcamOne-cable and screen!


The privacy of others is protected by law and should be taboo.

You can get the firmware and instructions mabual the documents below. For time- lapse recordings, for example the growing of a flower in the garden, the recording speed can be reduced up to 1 frame per minute — the video is later played back with 30FPS — that means one hour is reduced to 2 seconds.

Remove the battery for 10 seconds. The pendulum function can be locked – but is mandatory when fixed to a sport kite Kite Surfing. As can be seen, this is a very smart device in black and silver.

Acme FlyCamOne HD p Manuals

Discussion Flycam One Hello everyone iv just brought a 2cd hand Flycam1 got it today but came with no instructions or a install disc if it has one. At take off the side panels.

Exposure is shown in the middle – standard: The oblong indicates the activated timestamp, followed up by the keylock. The camera itself is mounted on a swivel head and attached by a ribbon cable, allowing it to be mounted external to your project while keeping the control board out of harm’s way.

Control this by using the showed buttons or the LinX sender.

Jul 31, At take manuaal the side panels. In my opinion the most interesting addition is the ability to take x still frames every three seconds while flying. ACME will not be responsible in any flycamne for any consequential or direct problems that will lead to a loss of recorded or edited data. Flycam One on the E-flight Jenny. This is not a defect and will not have any impact to the recorded video or photo! Insert the battery according to the golden contacts in the camera.


Confirm the selected interval with the “Start” button or leave the menu pressing the left button. You are responsible for your acting. Untighten the screws with a suitable Phillips.

The mount is ‘active’ and has a servo cable input manuxl. PM me if so, I”ll mail it. I don’t recall doing anything rough to this camera The remaining capacity of the SDCard is displayed downright on the screen. Charge the camera for at least 4 hours. It is known that forged accumulators which remarkably look like the flycamonw product are offered for the sale again and again.

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. That was couple months ago. Switch on the LinX with the slide switch.

If you’ve any comments then use the forum link below where we can chat all things FlyCamOne. Using a 32GB card allows a recording time of 4,5 hours at highest resolution.

Check connection between camera and battery.