From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technologies. Dennis Baron. This article contained some interesting facts about the origins of. In “From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technologies,” Dennis Baron attempts to explain the histories of writing technologies. Baron, Dennis. (). From pencils to pixels: The stages of literacy technologies . In Gail E. Hawisher & Cynthia L. Selfe (Eds.), Passions.

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When the spell check function first came out teachers did not inform their students about it. Let thy blood be thy direction till thy death! In Charles Dunbar discovered a deposit of plumbago in Bristol, New Hampshire, and he and his brother-in-law, John Thoreau, went into the pencil business.

Theories of Literacy

Newspapers rush to hook online subscribers. In his secont-term victory speech, President Clinton promised to have every eight-year-old reading, and to connect every twelve-year-old to the National Information Infrastructure.

I understand where he is coming from dennis the sense that during a meeting, typing of a laptop is less of an interruption than hand-writing a memo then violently scratching things out and ripping pieces up. Letter to the San Francisco Chronicle April Have they improved our knowledge about reading and writing or have they made us lazy?

At first, seals, knives, and other symbolic bits of property were attached to documents in an attempt to give them credibility figure 3.


The Stages of Literacy Technologies. fennis

More likely, he would be keyboarding his complaints about the information superhighway on a personal computer that he assembled from spare parts in his garage.

As the accessibility of the technology becomes more widespread, the public begins to put it to use doing familiar things. But technology has a trailing edge as well as a down side, and studying how computers are put to use raises serious issues in the politics of work and mechanisms of social control.

But then, as now, there was little written on pencil manufacture. There is no evidence of why writing was invented, but we do know that it started as a type of record-keeping.

People had to learn how to converse on the telephone: Pencil technologies involve advanced design techniques, the preparation and purification of graphite, the mixing bafon graphite with various clays, the baking and curing of the lead mixture, its extrusion into leads, and the preparation and finishing of the wood casings.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: When computers were first established they were very expensive and rare. One of the earliest knightly seals in existence c. Nonetheless, once a file has been converted to hard copy, it is not clear how it could be authenticated.

This site uses cookies. Some people feel that the computer is the answer for illiteracy in the world, however many parts of the world cannot afford computers or have access to the World Wide Web.


The telephone was initially received as an interesting but impractical pixe,s for communicating across distance. Finally, Baron dips into how literacy has been affected by the use of new literacy technologies. Perhaps now the same article would include information about e-mail, different word processing abilities, or maybe even texting from cell phones.

Dennis Baron’s “From Pencils to Pixels: The Stages of Literacy Technologies”

Posted by Stephanie Maccombs at 2: It was resisted ddennis first because it was untrustworthy, but eventually caught on. It also talks about how the development of new technologies is always accompanied by supporters and detractors.

Futurologists write books predicting that computers will replace books. I found this article to be very interesting.

Pencils to Pixels

They could be called to attest whether or not poxels property transfer had taken place. The authenticity of pencil writing is still frequently questioned: Instead of waxing nostalgic about the good old days of hand-made pencils, Thoreau sought to improve the process by developing a cutting-edge manufacturing technology of his own. In present time, teachers advise everyone to use spell check on their assignments before they are turned in.