This is a Digivice Guide for the Digivice D3 15th Anniversary (Japan Version), The D3 has been rebuilt. Over different Digimon are included. The D-3 is the an electronic pet based off of the D-3 digivice from In each version of the Digimon D-3s you have access to only two Digimon. user manual for minolta maxxum si c c3 guide ridgid generator operator’s piccolo buying guide durant counter manual d-3 digivice instructions breva

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Displays total number of steps taken. Bandai Digital Digimon Digivice ver. Shake as fast as you can, but slow enough v-3 count distance well.

Beat the bosses to progress in the game. Version 2 can be identified by a transparent casing and two arrows on the round button. Progressing through the Area’s requires you to take ‘Steps’ which in turn is a mini pendulum clicking on the inside of the toy.

Maps [MAP ] 7. This isn’t about the D-3 Digivice, but if anyone could e-amil me to teach me how to input Bitmap pictures instruftions another folder to an HTML site, it would really help.

D-3 Walkthrough & FAQ

Training costs 2 DP. Beat the bosses to progress in the game.


In the D-3s you have the ability to Armor evolve as well as Jogress to evolve further. Browse Related Browse Related. Brings up menu for the Digimon you selected: Hope you like it Oh!

The Digivice is shown exactly as in the photos, that’s exactly what you are purchasing. Keep it attached to your belt and as you walk or shake it manually the counter will decrease leading you to the end of the area. The monsters need both feeding and training in order to become big and strong enough to head into battle mode with a friend’s Digimon.

Map 4 [MAP4] 7.

FileIsland: D-3

You are shown three Digi-Eggs in a particular order, to memorise. Pressing the ‘B’ Button on the main screen: Plus, you have to make sure that you clean up after your Digimon or you are going to end up with a sick monster. None of Digimon has a default type; it changes based on battling and training.

Press B on your Digimon. We nistructions do our best to describe and test every item. During the battle, when the digimon plays its best move, the appearance of digimon will rise up on the screen. Displays name of area you are in. Progressing through the areas requires you to take “steps” which are counted from a pendulum inside the toy.


Skip to main content. In addition,I will throw istructions two special Digimon gifts that go along with thi You cannot switch between them until you have completed the game. During battle, you shake the device at the start of each turn to try to get a high Power value.

Digivice: Toys & Hobbies | eBay

Missing Eggs are marked with a “? Keep it attached to your belt and as you walk or shake it manually the counter will decrease leading you to the boss of the Area.

One time, I got them before I fought the 1st map. Discover – With this Antenna you discover Digimental by trying to detect one near an electronic signal TVs and Radios work well. When the Connect screen appears, press the OK button to connect to another Digivice using the special battle rules.

If you complete a block, it disappears and adds to your score.

Digimon – Battle the enemy digimon in the area you are in. You can use any Digimental on any Digimon without restrictions.

Select your partner Digimon. Displays the evolved form of selected Digimon, and shows attribute and stats.