CthulhuTech – Vade Mecum: the CthulhuTech Companion – The Last War Continues Foes without. Foes within. It seems that safety is just an. CthulhuTech has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. Vade Mecum is a major expansion to both the setting and the game rules. It provides setting. CthulhuTech Vade Mecum has 10 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September 1st by Wildfire Productions, pages, Hardcover.

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Four new Tagers are presented for our consumption – three regular and one Exceptional, just like the Core book. Or reduced to a quarter, if you can dedicate sixteen hours a day!

Second and Third Order powers often require lesser powers or Assets. The girls are roughly treated, degraded, dehumanized, and otherwise sexually used and abused by each and every guy there in groups. Cryokinetics control cold, strengthen ice and other cold objects, prevent things from freezing and can control their own body temperature When Moustachio air-drops this bomb, it bursts on the ground in a spray of shards and causes living things within 20ft.

Most Environmental ones are 2 Turns. Further Unspeakableness deals with more inhuman creatures both big and small, and introduces rules for portraying corpse-eating Ghouls as Characters.

FATAL & Friends — Cthulhutech: Vade Mecum

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Detecting the real Mirage works like a mecha’s Stealth System but with its Degree increased by one category. You are no longer capable of functioning sexually.

These levels of competency determine the size of the player’s dice pool. Unlike sorcerers, though, para-psychics can sacrifice their life-force for more Orgone: However, they also keep an eye on sexual slavery, in which girls are pressed into slavery and forced either into prostitution or cthulutech, or many times both.


CthulhuTech Vade Mecum

Aiden Finlayson rated it it was amazing Jul 03, Choose whether or not an arm of leg injury is right or left, if appropriate. No longer do you just affect the molecules in your environment; now you can generate heat. Erik Van rated it really liked it Jul 29, They gain the Misfit 4 and Watched 3 Drawbacks, which do not provide any additional skill points nor do they count against their starting Drawback limit.

Open Preview See a Problem? All Desolate Ones have access to powerful rituals or para-psychic cthulhuutech. What scars do you get from, say, blunt force trauma? Thanks cthulgutech telling us about the problem. Psychotherapists can get a permit to help people with it and the government interrogates people with it sometimes, but it’s marked as Illegal.


It also hurts Outsiders, including other Tagers it doesn’t exempt other Moustachios this time either. Gain insight into your own life and psyche through your dreams! Adam rated it really liked it Jun 18, Should a player gain enough insanity points, the character vae suffer psychological trauma, including common mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.

CthulhuTech: Vade Mecum

Also, why are the Hamshall and Ish marked as Aquatic? Ghoul Characters Though an unusual choice, it is possible in CthulhuTech to portray a ghoul as a Character.

The mark both of the girls bear is actually a brand, burned into the flesh on the back of their necks where it is typically covered by their long hair. The Rapine King really, Hastur? Less Then, More Now introduces new facets of the setting. CthulhuTech was featured in Yog-Sothoth. Some of them are interesting.

Of course, the future is a tricky thing and sometimes you might just want to have interpretations come out wrong. This article has multiple issues. You can fluff the ability how you want! The Echo is an amphibious Tager, with the same stats as the standard Phantom Tager only his laser weapon is called Fathom Beam and made of green electricity, it bites dudes instead of stabbing them, and it can shoot vision-obscuring ink clouds.


One mecha, three powered armour suits. Want to Read cthulhutwch. The Penultimate Chapter Just getting the: You can start the equivalent of a small office building on cthulhutecu with a thought.

If a Zoner has chosen to remain anonymous with the powers that be, he gains the Hunted 4 Drawback as soon as he pops up on their radar. cthulhuetch

Your attack hits like an assault rifle and you can bade anything you can see. The CthulhuTech corebook is set on Earth induring a veritable world war known as the “Aeon War,” against aliens and cultists with varying goals.

In addition, the setting also includes many paranormal or fantastic elements, such as dangerous sorcery and psychic abilities, which take a cthulhuutech on the sanity of the user, and the Arcanotechnology, a paranormal technology that produces near-endless amounts of efficient and clean fuel. You can’t do most things unassisted.

Read on, and enjoy. Inflicts recurring nightmares on a victim for “three phases of the moon” read: They have the following powers: The Card Game Archived from the original on Talking to people no, making a phone call and saying a couple of words yes.

It is a big dark world mecm the Core Book only gave you the basics. Trivia About CthulhuTech Vade