Español: Quito (Ecuador), 22 de mayo del Asamblea Nacional decide adhesión a la Convemar. Foto: Xavier Granja Cedeño/Ministerio de Relaciones. Chile (25 August ). Chili (25 août ). United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (25 July ). Royaume-Uni (25 juillet ). •oo sou Sox part • 00 oo FC Rest Hot LL Range R sta – 82 T – 2, Cox out 2 wisw MADE Line Manzan IT a Lake *akku Ex conve Mar Y swi LLE 2.

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Rio Tinto has been reviewing its BCL shareholding for almost two years.

Austria 14 July Bangladesh 27 July Iles Salomon 23 juin First, Rio operated under the PNG law of the day. Ukraine 27 February South Africa 14 August Ghana 23 setptembre Maurice 25 mars convejar Montenegro 23 October Saint-Vincent-et-les-Grenadines 1 octobre Switzerland 1 May Liberia 25 septembre Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 1 October Iceland 21 June Honduras 28 July Conemar 17 December Chile 11 February Philippines 24 September Cabo Verde 23 April Serbie 12 mars Bosnia and Herzegovina 12 January Morocco 31 May Sudan 23 January Bougainville Freedom… on Australian mining interests in….


Ghana 27 January Mexico 10 April Paraguay 10 July Suisse 1 mai convemmar But the truth is Rio Tinto generated huge revenues from what we all now know was the terrible injustice of its Bougainville mining operations. Bahamas 28 July Guinea 16 September Liberia 25 September Nepal 2 November Sylvia Earle has perhaps put it best: And what about the potential toxicity of metals that will be released into the ocean water from DSM operations?

Philippines 23 juillet