The Divine Awakening By Brother Mandus [Brother Mandus] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Divine Awakening [brother mandus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brother Mandus () was a leader in the New Thought . No. 4 – Perfect Prosperity [Brother Mandus] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By Brother Mandus.

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Brother Mandus

In the end, there can be no other way than making ourselves available to Him in a realisation that there is only God in the entire universe, that nothing exists outside the range of this infinite Spirit.

On a daily basis, Mandus discovered more and more external evidence that there existed “external evidence of divine guidance, healing, supply and steady progression. His parents belonged to the established Church of England, where he was also babtized and confirmed. He would spend hours in sincere brothef.

Brother Mandus

A little later he felt that he should take his gospel out into the world. She was completely healed, he reports, apparently instantly, after prayer – a wonderous sign to him. In fact, when we look at one another, we behold the greatest miracle that we can see upon this earth. I heard Brother Mandus speak in person on two occasions.

It soon became evident, he writes, that the Power of the Written Word in letters formulated in prayer is effective without limits of time and space.

See our Returns Policy. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. It is the testimony of countless people right down through recorded history, from the ancient mystics of the East long centuries before Christ to present-day experience, that when they come into meditation, when they learn to become still in the Presence of God, dramatic events begin to unfold in their lives.

Published writings by Brother Nyquist Mandus Mandus: Then people began writing for healing intercession, and so the ministry was extended until before long hundreds of letters were received daily from all over the world, and Brother Mandus reports that many were healed and blessed in this way. His ability to express the essential New Thought ideas in terms familiar to the orthodox believer made him welcome in the pulpits of many orthodox churches therefore.

Brother Mandus added an emotional warmth to the New Thought ideas, which was often lacking in the more intellectual New Thought writings and speakings of the time.


As a matter of simple commonsense, it is impossible to experience the Perfection of the Lord unless we submit ourselves to Him, and know He is projecting it through every aspect of our lives. As a young and often mischevious child, Mandus would ponder metaphysical concepts such as life and death.

It can only happen when we are absolutely sure that the greatest activity that can ever happen in a human being comes when we become still and stop doing ourselves. Mandus decided to close his business, which had suffered severe financial reversals over the years, and begin a full-time healing ministry. We try to understand the infinite by definition. He had had no training in public speaking, but when invited to address manrus company of people he did so without notes, and as he began speaking all nervousness disappeared and he was given words to say.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. This meditation, this being still in God, is a fundamental. Click Here for a list of available books by Brother Mandus. The All, the Omnipresent, the Perfect Law, Mind, Consciousness, is also the loving Father, manifesting His Perfect Love mmandus a personal level which is, if not easily understood or explained, at least more attractive to the average person whose concern is not a nicely logical system of thought, but the satisfaction of some deeply felt personal need.

For we come to sit in the radiance of Thy Divine Love, to brkther ourselves completely to Thee, knowing that in Thy Presence we shall be experiencing Thy Love for us. All the things which we behold in this world which man has created have been projected by the power of thought, this wonderful miracle-working power that we all possess in our own right, in our own beings.

Getting Your Way Nicely. James; First Edition edition Language: He went on to speak in crowded halls and churches all over the world, the words, always coming to him as he spoke. When, in an illuminated state of mind, I look at brotjer in that brothe, then I cannot help but be staggered with the immensity of mandsu wonderful being. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

It can only happen when we become absolutely convinced that the Great Father will do these things in the Silence. So that while we retain personality, we have at our disposal all the creative power and faculties of God to manifest greater and greater experience, as partners with Him in His almighty creative enterprises.


Goal Realization Made Easy.

Brother Mandus Archives – Divine Love Sanctuary Foundation

We have to acknowledge that He is infinite intelligence – brothr intelligence in infinite maneus – which naturally always desires to take the object of its love and give help, health and all goodness to it. In truth the individual mind is like a wave on the surface of the ocean, one of millions of similar waves. Beaumont Nyquist Mandus was born Hartlepool, an English seaport, and was the son of a water clerk for a ship’s chandler. It seems to me that a fundamental of experiencing the reality of God?

Here a dedicated staff carries on the work that Brother Mandus started. Let Thy Will be done and Thy words be spoken, that we may arise into Thy Holy Spirit, to be one with Thee, one with each other, and one with all people in Heaven and earth, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

For I see you as a spiritual entity, indwelt by the Life of God, revealing the Life of God, with intelligence, love, and body as vehicle of this Spirit.

Today, the World Healing Crusade has a worldwide membership of approximately 60, people based in countries, and continues to share its message through love and faith in God. The Secret Of Wealth.

The Divine Awakening: brother mandus: : Books

If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? The water of the wave is the water of the ocean. And I suppose, until we really know something of this infinite activity of God, we shall continue to find it difficult to believe that simply by becoming still all power is swinging into action to bring forth every necessary Divine Adjustment.

Amazon Business Service for business customers. If God is at all points at all times, everything exists in, and through, and by His Spirit.