Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg. Bronislaw Malinowski’s pathbreaking Argonauts of the Western Pacific is at once a detailed account of exchange in the Melanesian islands and a manifesto of a. Argonauts of the Western Pacific has ratings and 23 reviews. Jenny ( Reading Envy) said: This was a cornerstone of my Readings in Ethnography course.

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Argonauts Of The Western Pacific

A Kabigidoya visit arrives from Vakuta to Kiriwina. For the native is not the natural companion for a white man, and after you have been wesfern with him for several hours, seeing how he does his gardens, or letting him tell you items of folk-lore, or discussing his customs, you will naturally hanker after the company of your own kind. Malinowski has done his work, as it appears to me, under the best conditions and in the manner calculated to secure the best possible results. Out of such plunges into the life of the natives — and I made them frequently not only for study’s sake but because everyone needs human company — I have carried away a distinct feeling that their behaviour, their manner of being, in all sorts of tribal transactions, became more transparent and easily understandable than it had been before.

In short, magic is believed to be an absolutely essential adjunct of every industrial undertaking, being just as requisite for its success as the mechanical operations involved in it, such as the caulking, arginauts and launching of a canoe, the planting of a garden, and the setting of a fish-trap.

VII — The tapwana main parts of the canoe spells. And in all its essentials, the customs and tribal rules of the exchange are identical throughout the whole Kula area.

V — C — The social division of functions in manning and sailing a canoe. The founding document of economic anthropology!

Preparations for a big overseas expedition from Kiriwina to argonauys Marshall Bennett Islands. So far, it has been done only by amateurs, and therefore done, on the whole, indifferently.

Bronisław Malinowski, Argonauts of the Western Pacific :: Wolne Lektury

IV — Life in a tent among the natives. Practised already by the best early writers, such as Munzinger, and, if I remember rightly, Kubary, this method has been developed to its fullest extent in the works of Dr. Very different is the presentation of human nature in the greater artists, such as Cervantes and Shakespeare: II — Preparations in Sinaketa for the reception of the visiting party.


The natives obey the forces and commands of the tribal code, but they do not comprehend them; exactly as they obey their instincts and their impulses, but could not lay down a single law of psychology. If such a dismal fiction is really regarded by serious inquirers as having any counterpart in savage society, and not simply as a useful abstraction, Dr.

XIV — General remarks about certain aspects of method. An Ethnographer who sets out to study only religion, or only technology, or only social organisation cuts out an artificial field for inquiry, and he will be seriously handicapped in his work. Definite forms of exchange along definite trade routes are to be found established between the various tribes.

In other words, there is a series of phenomena of great importance which cannot possibly be recorded by questioning or computing documents, but have to be observed in their full actuality. II — The methods of arriving at its knowledge. Its association with all the vital activities and with the unaccountable aspects of reality. Moreover, in giving it practical effect, it is neither easy to devise the concrete applications of this method, nor to carry them out systematically and consistently.

Jul 25, Michael Mena rated it did not like it. We learn much about the framework of their society, but within it, we cannot perceive or imagine the realities of human life, the even flow of everyday events, the occasional ripples of excitement over a feast, or ceremony, or some singular occurrence.

It would be easy to quote works of high repute, and with a scientific hall-mark on them, in which wholesale generalisations are laid down before us, and we are not informed at all by what actual experiences the writers have reached their conclusion.

Speaking of leading critical minds to water Such are the general characteristics of the Northern and Southern Massim respectively, given in a few words.

Argonauts of the Western Pacific

Apr 17, split zalv rated it liked it. V — Place where magic is stored in the human anatomy. The fallacy of differentiating a science or an art according to its application and the moral intention of the agent is obvious enough with regard to pharmacy bronuslaw artillery; it is equally real, though to many people apparently it is less obvious, with regard to magic.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. VIII — The story, the natural monuments and the religious ceremonial of the mythical personalities Atu’a’ine, Aturamo’a and their sister Sinatemubadiye’i. II — The ordinary trade carried on between these communities. V — Sailing North.

As always happens when scientific interest turns towards and begins to labour on a field argonautw far only prospected by the curiosity of amateurs, Ethnology has introduced law and order into what seemed chaotic and freakish. This district is often called in this book by its native name, Broniskaw, and the language is spoken of as Kiriwinian, Kiriwina being the main province of the district, and its language considered by the natives as a standard speech.

Massim; their customs and social institutions. General summaries of each section are included below. The motives of accumulating food stuffs.

A man who submits to various customary obligations, who follows a traditional course of action, does it impelled by certain motives, to the accompaniment of certain feelings, guided by certain ideas. Jun 03, Eli Jacobs rated it really liked it.

This corpus inscriptionum Kiriwiniensium can be utilised, not only bronislad myself, but by all those who, through their better penetration and ability of interpreting them, may malinowsji points which escape my attention, very much as the other corpora form the basis for the various interpretations of ancient and prehistoric cultures; only, these ethnographic inscriptions are all decipherable and clear, have been almost all translated fully and unambiguously, and have been provided with native cross-commentaries or scholia [16] obtained from living sources.