For more than 2 decades beginning in , University of Vienna anatomist Eduard Pernkopf labored on his anatomical atlas, which he published as the. The first order of business is to review these two books for what they are: an anatomical atlas. As countless others have remarked since their publication over Results 1 – 12 of 35 Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy, Vol. 2: Thorax, Abdomen and Extremities (v. 2). Oct 1, by Eduard Pernkopf and.

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Medicine and Murder He was an active and fervent party member.

Revisiting the infamous Pernkopf anatomy atlas : historical lessons for medical law and ethics

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. People are often too embarrassed or intimidated to ask a librarian for items that are not readily available.

In he earned the title of associate professorwith a promotion to full professor two years later. A physician at St. In his address The Penrkopf of WordsDr. Four days after becoming dean, he gave a speech to the medical faculty advocating Nazi racial hygiene theories and policies and urging his fellow physicians to implement them in their teaching and practice.

Alternating current is used by almost all with the ;ernkopf of a switch without a thought given to the injustice that made it possible. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Eduard Pernkopf

It was on this basis that medical libraries across the United States retain their copies of the Pernkopf atlas. Erich Lepier, Pernlopf Batke, and Karl Endtresser demonstrated their allegiance to Nazi ideology by signing their anatomic paintings with Nazi icons.

So may our call express only what each of us feels from the bottom of his heart; Adolf Hitler, Sieg Heil! Hans Hoffa Jewish physician who had left the Vienna faculty ingave him two rooms at the school’s neurological institute.

Spiro hopes that such reminders keep physicians from ever again abetting such evil. The beauty of the perkopf thus reflects a knowledge of human anatomy that is at once enclyopaedic and intimate. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands. Currently, it cannot be excluded that certain preparations used for the illustrations in this atlas were obtained from political victims of the National Socialist regime.


Thorax, Abdomen and Extremities v. No stigma is attached to touring the blood soaked temples of the Maya or the Aztecs, to traveling on roads or living in buildings produced by slave labor that resulted in staggering misery, morbidity and mortality.

Revisiting the infamous Pernkopf anatomy atlas : historical lessons for medical law and ethics

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. It was, however, at that time impossible either to prove this conclusively or conclusively identify the subjects and whether they included Jewish victims. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. He returned to Vienna where his Anatomy Institute had been largely destroyed by Allied bombing. Editors are also influenced by the importance of the results; a study that has great practical significance is difficult to reject.

There is also an ethical controversy. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. These duties interrupted their artistic work. Must then each individual piece of their work be repudiated and tracked down and its removal from all currently available publications demanded? Others have added notes or electronic links to the Pernkopf record in their electronic card catalogs directing users to more information about the controversy, and others have prepared folders with copies of the articles on the topic that are shelved with the atlas.

The experience left him drained and exhausted when he returned to Vienna after his release, hoping to continue his work on the atlas. Further, they say, its paintings are artistic masterpieces regardless of the politics of the artists.

– Eduard Pernkopf’s Atlas— “a tainted beauty” – AHRPAHRP

Opponents have asserted that any use of the atlas makes the user complicit in Nazi crimes and that modern technology, such as the Visible Human Project based on the tomographic dissection of a man executed in the United Stateswill make the atlas redundant if it has not done so already.

All professors were required to swear an oath of loyalty to Hitler, but only politically desirable persons or those entitled to do so under the Nuremberg Race Laws were allowed to take the oath [ 6 ].


Herein lies the paradox of the Pernkopf Atlas, as a legacy of the Third Reich: The sheer beauty of the illustrations reflects the hard reality that over 1, bodies were dissected to produce these books.

Fearing that he might suffer legal or political repercussions lernkopf his previous Nazi party membership and prewar actions, he went on what he claimed was a vacation to Strobl in the state of Salzburg. Please try again later. In his signature, Lepier perbkopf used the “r” at the end of his name as the basis for a swastikaand Endtrasser likewise used two Sig runesthe lightning-bolt insignia of the Schutzstaffel SS pernoopf, for the “ss” in his name.

They are reluctant to accept responsibility for evaluating the ethics of a study, assuming that evaluation was done at the institution where the work was done. In a November letter to JAMA, Hutton said his company continued to publish the Pernkopf atlas because of its scientific merit and because, to date, no concrete evidence had been found to substantiate Pernkopf’s use of cadavers originating from Nazi concentration camp victims [ 29 ].

Already as a child his great interest was music, but his father died inand in order to help support his family he decided on a medical career.

Retrieved from ” https: InPernkopf reached the pinnacle of the academic career ladder when he was named the University of Vienna’s rectorits highest official. Virginia Tech sets policy on controversial materials. The commission stated that there was no doubt that the Viennese school of anatomy used the bodies of Nazi victims for scientific purposes and concluded that it must be assumed with considerable certainty that Pernkopf used these preparations to illustrate his atlas.

Medicine and murder in the Third Reich. Despite this library school axiom, most American medical school libraries have not established a standard for the selection and treatment of controversial materials in their collections.