Anton Lembede () helped revitalize and provided much of the philosophical foundation for black resistance to white supremacy in South Africa in the. View the profiles of people named Anton Lembede. Join Facebook to connect with Anton Lembede and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. Anton Musiwakhe Lembede (21 January – 30 July ) was a South African activist and founding president of the ANC Youth League.

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From Protest to Challenge: He never saw the success of Black activism that enabled Black South Africans to be treated equally. Lembede majored in Philosophy and Roman Law. Archived from the original on 5 August He never wanted to clash openly with him, but in private they had intense arguments.

The following year Lembede, Tambo and Sisulu went on the attack to defend their ideas of African nationalism and they almost succeeded in getting the communists thrown out of the congress in the Transvaal. This document was to go on to be a leading policy of the ANC. One of his teachers at college was Albert Luthuli before he left for Groutville Mission Reserve to take up his position as Chief.

Mdawhom he had met when they were both aspiring teachers. Blacks, battered by generations of white paternalism and oppression, needed pride in their Africanness.

This reburial ceremony also reminds us on a personal level of the shock of his sudden death in July This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat It was only when Anton turned 13 that he started his formal education at the Catholic Inkanyezi School. Lembede also asserted that South Africa was an African land, and blacks were the only legitimate “owners.


He is currently co-editing a two volume documentary history of African American relations with South Africa.

The Tambo Friday initiative seeks to deepen unity, promote an activist ANC and encourage cadre development. In after graduation by Adams College, he not only took up teaching posts but he also pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree in his spare time. All subdomain blog posts remain copyright their authors.

He died inaged For him a complete African youth possessed unparalleled love for the people and, in the service of these people, was armed with the most modern educational skills and knowledge.

Our approach to inclusivity with regards to the participation of other national groups and other ideological groupings later departed from those advocated by Lembede; the impact of his influence on our political development can, however, never be doubted. Today as the Youth League works and operates under the changed circumstances of a non-racial democracy in which your parent body is now the governing party, many of the calls made by Lembede remain as relevant.

When he began law practice inhe had also earned the respect of his fellows, not only for his intellectual achievements which were manybut also for his dedication to the cause of freedom in South Africa.

If his ideas embodied his primary legacy, what is one to make of his flirtation with fascism? Lembede became the league’s first president. Seme had first proposed the idea of the ANC and he had been an unimpressive president of the organisation.


Anton Lembede

Marxism, speaking directly to the growing working classes, had gained among black intellectuals. We are therefore today remembering and paying tribute to a man that has left an indelible mark on developments within our organisation and in the history of the liberation of our country.

Lembede read widely and he would quote fascist leaders until Mda pointed out the racist policies that they espoused.

He started his formal schooling at 13, and his performance at Mbumbulu Government School secured him a scholarship at Adams College near Durban, where he trained as a teacher from till Many older ANC leaders dismissed the League as irresponsible and cheeky, partly because Lembede was extremely passionate and dogmatic about his beliefs.

Lembede moved to Johannesburg after finishing his L.

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Today Anton Lembede would have celebrated his 70 th birthday this year, had he not died so young at University of California Press. Anton Lembede age 33, shortly before his premature passing Image credit: Retrieved 3 August From the moment I heard Lembede speak I knew I was in the lembese of a dynamic and original thinker and his ideas immediately struck a chord in me.

Lembede lived in Orlando in Johannesburg with his intellectual partner A.