Angelfire is a series of young adult urban fantasy novels by author Courtney Allison Moulton, beginning with the inaugural entry of the same name. The story. First there are nightmares. Then come the memories. Now she must hunt. Ellie can’t shake the terrifying dreams about monstrous creatures that are hunting her, . Editorial Reviews. Review. “One heroine who’s happy to take matters (and angelic swords) into Twitter Pinterest. Kindle App Ad. Look inside this book. Angelfire (Angelfire Trilogy (Quality) Book 1) by [Moulton, Courtney Allison.

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Jan 21, Erica rated it it was amazing Shelves: We’re passionate and reckless and our ability to love is infinite. It’s hard to relate to a girl who has everything she could possibly want, saving her daddy’s love, and while that can be possible in other books, it wasn’t the case with this one.

Why is she becoming more and more human with each new life? Jul 08, Alise Readers in Wonderland rated it it was ok.

I mean, she certainly writes action ‘well’ – and by ‘well’ I mean, you can clearly visualize what’s happening, except it feels more like dancing while counting in your head and one and two and three then really letting the passion flow out of the writing. I can’t really be bothered to finish this. Plus, at least, here, the strengths of a woman are emphasized–though, if we examine Ellie once againit’s a little too overboard and, well, not portrayed in just the right tone.

Please provide an email address. Let’s just say that you absolutely need to read this book – if you don’t I may have to stick Ellie on your butt. But of course, I’ve also got positive feedback in mind. Ellie has pretty much lived a long time.

Angelfire Series by Courtney Allison Moulton

Look, I know that at least in terms of paranormal Young adult lit, the standards are decidedly lower. Isn’t the first rule of writing to hook the reader from the get go? How can Ellie be expected to charge headfirst into her dangerous future, fighting an enemy that is growing stronger with every second, when she can’t even unravel her own past?

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This girl is the fucking limit. But let me explain it first. And there’s the guy devoted to mojlton – er – protect her. Courntey of all the additional moping Will could do. He’s always saying something like, “I’m going to eat you now, Preliator! Yes, Prince Ash from the Iron Fey series. It barely held my attention, the characters were flat, and the writing lacked interest. I mean, these too are absolutely on FIRE. In an advance review, Cynthia Hand labeled Angelfire “a wild ride and a joy to read.

It felt rough, choppy, and lacked that certain fluidity to capture my attention. She’s also nice for including angel myth in it–although, there are good points made by Kira that one which got 30 plus likes and all about that portion. The book has potential, and you really can see it, but the dialogues, the descriptions, the way Ellie talks and acts–more revising and editing can do the concept of the story justice and wonder, honestly.

So while Will his training her, she is still trying to be human.

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The characters were not particularly unique or wonderful in any way and I was glad to put this book aside when I was done with it. You’d need to use one of Ellie’s Khopesh swords to slash through it.

I think that the author took all the bad things that we find in some paranormal YA, turned them into good stuff and then put them into this story. By the end of the story we finally get to see what and who Will and Ellie truly are. It’s not just the times when Ellie asks, “Why is it that? Oh, that sounds familiar too? He’s all over her mind. This time, it took a lot longer for her to come back. Except, unlike Giles, he’s young and hot okay Giles was hot but It’s not that Courrney find it wrongbut I do find it inappropriate.


How awesome is the twist for this element, not to mention the ideas behind the reapers? Wondering why every teenager has to have absent parents? For the most part, we are free to chose [ sic ] our own paths in life and love whom we love.

She starts having nightmares sngelfire feel entirely too real, and then on her 17th birthday, the nightmares become her life. View all 20 comments.

Angelfire Series

The voice brings Ellie even more to life, keeping with the YA anbelfire but still pitching it as something that is entirely Ellie. I was hooked from the first chapter and couldn’t stop reading–it was another “wee hours of the morning” Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton is one of the best angel books I’ve read in years, and I’ve read A LOT of them.

In a review of the first novel, Publishers Weekly commended the “clarity of the fight scenes,” likening them to moments from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Why is it so wrong for Ellie and Will to just be together?

I loved seeing Ellie fall in love with Will none of this “I love you for no reason other than I happened to see you from across the hall” for our heroineand Moulton’s use of flashbacks was captivating. Even before having read Angelfire, I’ve had a few concepts that I later on discovered I shared with Moulton’sand I like it.

Many YA novels have to have decent-looking guys. Is Nathaniel as good as he appears to be? Moulton did execute her love of martial arts in fight scenes nicely, you can see that.